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Bird Nature Reserve

2,5 km BEKA - BIRDHOUSE RESERVE with an area of 193 ha. - located near the village of Osłonino. The name "BEKA" comes from a settlement engulfed by the sea (stone foundations are a testimony to the existence of the settlement).

The reserve is located at the mouth of the Reda River to the Baltic Sea. Most of the area is occupied by marshy meadows, which are an ideal place for rare bird species, including bittern, grebe, osprey, crane, lapwing, snipe, kingfisher. The salt meadows (halophyllous) are also home to rare plant species such as sea gobies and rush or red thistle, while in the sweet areas you can find the insectivorous common greasewood, marsh gnatcatcher or interesting orchids.

A city with history

Attraction in the area


began in the Middle Ages. In the second half of the 13th century there was a castellany stronghold of the dukes of Eastern Pomerania in Puck. From 1309 the Teutonic Knights ruled the town. Puck was granted town rights by the Germans in 1348. In 1466 Puck was incorporated into Royal Prussia. During the reign of the Vasa dynasty, Puck was the base of the Polish fleet. It was the first Polish war port. In 1772, the town was incorporated into the state of Frederick the Great. After a period of decline, in 1818 Puck (then Putzig) became the seat of the district. At that time, its importance increased slightly. A hospital, a town hall and a pier were built at that time. On 10 February 1920, the "wedding of Poland with the sea" took place here. Worth seeing are the Gothic parish church from the 13th century with a chapel founded by the Wejher family, a wooden baroque hospital (the Museum of the Puck Region), fragments of the foundations of a medieval Teutonic castle, and the neo-Gothic town hall from 1865 with a restored market square.

Palace in Sławutówek

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14.5km PALACE IN SLAWUTÓWK built between 1910 and 1912 by the von Below family. An interesting eclectic palace with many bay windows, turrets, a mansard roof and a terrace overlooking the pond and park.14.5km

Attraction in the area

14.5 km PARK OF EVOLUTION IN SŁAWUTÓWK - plenty of attractions in one place Dinosaurs Park, Amusement Park, 7D Underwater Journey, Prehistoric Cinema and many other amazing attractions.

Ocean Park Władysławowo

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17,2 km OCEAN PARK WŁADYSŁAWOWO you can meet sea animals made in 1:1 scale including the world's biggest 34 m blue whale. 20 hectares full of attractions.

Reda - Aquapark

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19km REDA - AQUAPARK safe, modern complex of pools and water attractions for adults and children. You can spend the whole day here taking advantage of a special interesting family offer. Apart from traditional swimming pools, there are many other attractions in the aquapark - a rushing river, water slides (one of them runs through the aquarium with sharks), a swimming pool - castle, a swimming pool with artificial waves and many pools with massages and spouts.

Rumia - LemurPark

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22km RUMIA - LEMURPARK is a diverse system of obstacles between the trees designed for participants of all ages.


Attraction in the area

21.2km KŁANINO a charming neo-Renaissance 18th century palace of the Grass family rebuilt after 1850; full of interesting carved architectural elements

Rozewie Lighthouse

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23.5 km ROZEWIE Lighthouse the oldest lighthouse on the Polish coast near Jastrzębia Góra. Height of the lighthouse 32.7m, inside a small museum with lighthouses from the past (from the Middle Ages to the present). Next to it is an interesting pebbly beach and the Rozewie Cape Reserve. Next to the lighthouse is a bust of Stefan Żeromski and a monument to the taking over of Pomerania in 1920 by the Polish Army.


Attraction in the area

28,4km KROKOWA one of the older Kashubian villages; worth seeing here is the neo-Gothic St. Catherine's parish church from the mid-19th century with its characteristic octagonal towers and a palace extended from the 14th century (restored in 1990 by a Polish-German foundation). The palace currently houses a hotel and a museum.


Attraction in the area

30km GDYNIA a modern city with many interesting places to visit. Be sure to walk along the passage and along Świętojańska Street with its many shops and eating places. It is worth visiting one of the museums: the Emigration Museum, the Museum of the City of Gdynia, the Naval Museum, the ORP Błyskawica Ship Museum. A great attraction, especially for children, will be the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.


Attraction in the area

32.5 km ŻARNOWIEC is worth a visit to the beautiful Gothic (with neo-Gothic elements) church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. James the Elder; founded in the 14th century by Casimir the Great, it was restored in 1910. In the town centre, there is a market square with a medieval urban layout and a few preserved wooden and brick buildings.


Attraction in the area

40km Sopot town resort with the famous walking passage "Monciak" with many old tenement houses and the characteristic Crooked House. We also suggest visiting the Dom Zdrojowy, the Forest Opera House, where festivals of Polish songs have been held for years, and taking a traditional stroll along the wooden pier. For an interesting concert, cabaret or sports show, head for the Ergo Arena - a modern sports and leisure facility.


Attraction in the area

52,1km HEL Fishing Museum with rich collections, fishermen's houses of half-timbered construction from the 19th century and Evangelical church with a Gothic brick presbytery from the end of the 14th century.


57 km Gdańskan atmospheric old town with thousands of places to visit. Worth seeing include the Old Town Hall, the wooden crane, the fountain with Neptune, the Golden Gate, St. Nicholas Church, Artus Court and St. Brigid's Church. We also recommend the European Solidarity Centre, Oliwa Cathedral (with organ concerts), Oliwa Park, the Amber Museum, the National Maritime Museum, the Archaeological Museum. For music lovers (and not only) - the Baltic Chopin Philharmonic.

Kashubian Miniature Park

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60 km Kashubian Miniature Park in one place, in one scale of 1:25, you can see faithful copies of the most characteristic objects of Kashubia, Poland and the world, as well as models of the most famous buildings - including churches, castles, manor houses and other interesting buildings, and above all the Palace in Rzucewo.


Poland's first family theme park, created on the basis of an original fairytale story. Among hundreds of flowers, trees and bushes, you will discover fairytale lands inhabited by extraordinary creatures.

The Przebendowskich Palace and Wejherowo Calvary

The Przebendowskich and Keyserlingk Palace is a historic 19th-century residence and at the same time the seat of the Museum of Kashubian-Pomeranian Literature and Music. In addition to the regional collection, the museum also holds the oldest, unique documents from the beginnings of the town of Wejherowo. It is worth visiting the palace interiors, where the walls are decorated with polychrome paintings.

The route through Wejherowo's Calvary, or Calvary Trail, measures 4.6 km. It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to walk the whole trail. It includes 26 chapels. Many people opt for the shorter variant. The most famous route among tourists is the one that includes 14 chapels. It begins at point 11: Pilate's Palace Chapel and ends at point 25: Lord's Tomb Chapel.

Prof. Krzysztof Skóra Marine Station Sealarium


The Marine Station of the Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography of the University of Gdańsk - a seal sanctuary forming part of the scientific research institution - the Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography of the University of Gdańsk - located in Hel at Bulwar Nadmorski.

Labyrinth in a Maize Field


The Labyrinth in the Maize Field is one of the few such parks in Poland - a huge, 2.5 hectare labyrinth created from fast-growing maize plants reaching a height of over 3 metres.

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