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Restaurant Rooms





Stained-glass Hall

The largest and most representative hall of the castle. It is decorated with beautiful chandeliers on a unique wooden ceiling and stained-glass windows. The hall is recommended especially for larger groups. It is possible to set up U-shaped tables (for up to 66 guests) or multiple round tables of 6 - 10 people (for up to 48 guests). A pianist can play for guests on request. Connected to the hall is the Clock Hall.

Clock Hall

The restaurant hall is always full of sunshine. From it, you can admire the Puck Bay and the old trees of the historic park (chestnut tree, Weymouth pine). In the Clock Hall you will find tranquillity and a pleasant atmosphere for business or family parties. Square tables of 4 - 6 persons (for a maximum of 20 guests) can also be arranged in an "I" shape for a maximum of 24 guests.

The Golden Hall

An intimate restaurant room full of elegance for special family occasions, an exquisite dinner with friends or a business meeting. Outside the window, the greenery of the park and the mostly calm waters of the Puck Bay. The oval table can seat a maximum of 10 - 12 guests.

The Navy Blue Hall

Room with a view of the café terrace overgrown with wild vines, the Hunting Lodge, the park and the sea. An ideal place to hold a family dinner. The hall is particularly suitable for lovers. We would be delighted to organise your engagement party there! The hall can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests.


Situated in the tower, this octagonal hall with stained-glass windows has an unusual atmosphere. Above it you can see the collection of books - the castle library. A large octagonal table for up to 18 people is ideal for large group discussions.


Located in the basement, this room is full of atmosphere. Filled with mystery, it is the perfect place to organise an interesting evening for 15 - 40 people . The most recommended place for a candlelit wine tasting. Several interconnected rooms allow you to diversify your time (billiard, dance, bar and feast room).

Garden Pavilion

For celebrations of more than 100 persons, we offer to organise the reception in the garden. For those who are particularly busy, the castle offers assistance with the preparation of the ceremony - setting the menu, organising the attractions and musical setting, and arranging and decorating the pavilion.

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